Course: Mindfulness level 1 – Presence

About the Course

This course will focus on

  • The real meaning of mindfulness is How to meditate.
  • To identify mental habits 
  • To work with blocks to your natural mindfulness and meditation practice.
  • To make daily life itself your mindfulness practice.
  • To identify and cultivate the six core processes of mental and emotional flexibility

The course is eight weeks long with one 2-hour session per week in addition to home practices.

The group size is limited to ten people to ensure individual attention and in-depth discussion.

The course uses an evidence-based curriculum along with activities from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help participants develop a firm understanding and practice. We focus on training and strengthening the ‘muscle of attention’ through meditation – we build  from 10 minutes of silent meditation in week two to 40 minutes of silent meditation in week eight. 

Who is it for?

Anyone over 18 years of age.

10 people per group.

How do I join?

Email to register your interest and one of the facilitators will get in touch to schedule a discussion about the course. 

Topics Covered


Please get in touch for timings of upcoming groups.

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