Dominic Watts

Wellbeing Coach

I lead the Mindful Schools Program at The Free Spirit Collective, through which we help teachers, students and parents part of a school’s community to embrace the mindfulness practice that can help them benefit them personally, socially, academically and as families.

I have been studying mindfulness and personal transformation since the age of 15, during my school days, under the guidance of Chris Cullen, who started the mindfulness in Schools Project in the UK. I always sought to apply mindfulness in the classroom during my time as a teacher and taught workshops and courses on mindfulness in schools to children between 4 and 18 years of age, teachers and parents for five years.

In the UK, I also worked for the British Tennis Association as a Sports Psychologist, creating a mindfulness-based program for one of Britain’s top five players.

My work focuses on helping others flourish in their lives by trying to understand themselves and their way of being in the world. I use simple, enjoyable and direct inquiries to teach mindfulness to people of all ages. 

I enjoy teaching in a relaxed manner so that difficult topics can be explored in a light-hearted and open way and people of all ages and backgrounds feel comfortable in a group. 

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  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Philosophy), UK

Areas of Experience

  • Mindfulness 
  • Children, adolescents and adults 
  • Academic achievements while integrating mindfulness practice