Fair Payment Policy

We appreciate that the financial implications of seeking therapy can be complex and sensitive. From navigating insurance coverage to the prospect of making the choice to self-pay. We have thought long and hard about creating fair and transparent payment policies that reflect our commitment to every individual seeking care and support.

We offer a range of services at a range of prices. We hope that this means that more people will be able to access therapeutic services and resources regardless of their budget and we are committed to continue growing these. However, individual services comprise a large proportion of the work we do and the services we offer. These are the most time heavy services we offer and as such, are finite in their numbers. As a result, we must try and make access to them as fair as possible. This ensures that those who are waiting to be seen can take up appointments that are cancelled or not required. For this reason, we request a 50% deposit to be paid no less than 24 hours prior to your initial appointment or the appointment will be allocated to another person waiting. This can be used against the full cost of your session on its completion. Failure to attend will lead to the forfeit of this deposit and any future appointments would require a further deposit to be paid. 

We hope that people will be able to honour their appointment times, but we understand that life happens and would request that you let us know at the earliest opportunity if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. In a 20 session period we will not charge for the first two late cancellations (late cancellation is anything after 12pm the day before your session).  After this time late cancellations will be charged at your usual session rate.  Your right to two late cancellation will rest after every 20 sessions. Any further cancellations will incur the full fee, payable prior to the next scheduled appointment. As a routine, we do not cancel appointments that have been made by you. However, life can happen to us too! Any late cancellation of your appointment by The Free Spirit Collective will be adjusted on your tally of late cancellations or added to give you more.