Dr Diksha Laungani

Educational Psychologist and Assessment Specialist

I am a Dubai-born and UK-trained Educational Psychologist and have been working within the domains of Psychology and Special Education in London and Dubai for over ten years. As a result of these diverse experiences, I adopt a culturally aware and neurodiversity-affirming approach towards working with my clients.

As an Assessment Specialist, I work with children, young people and adults across the lifespan to provide in-depth psycho-educational/neurodiversity assessment services. This includes identification (screening and/or diagnosis) of neurodevelopmental differences such as ADHD, Autism, general or specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.) or clients with any other behavioural, emotional or learning needs.

In addition, I am trained and qualified to administer the gold-standard ADOS-2 assessment for the identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan.

I am a conservative assessor, which means that I only use assessments depending on the client’s profile and do not apply a standard battery of tests for every client. I also believe in the power of systemic/holistic working, which means that I appreciate the opportunity to work closely with schools and families wherever possible.

I also work on a consultation-only basis if needed, supporting clients, parents, or families to explore neurodiversity, different diagnoses, and their impact on functioning, and also offering parenting support, in cases when assessment is not an option, or post the assessment process.

My clinical orientation is governed by a person-centred and humanistic approach and I strongly believe that every client’s voice is central to the assessment/diagnostic process, regardless of their age or ability. I also realise that diagnoses of neurodevelopmental differences can be a culturally sensitive topic and approach this with the utmost confidentiality and care with my clients and their families. Psychological involvement does not have to end with testing scores and I advocate for further psychoeducation post the assessment process. Diagnoses can influence identity development and wellbeing and it becomes crucial to support clients through this process.

I also work with organisations to promote the inclusion of neurodivergent people in the workplace. Prior to training as a psychologist, I worked as a vocational educator and job coach, supporting the transition of young people/adults with additional needs into higher education or employment. My inclination towards promoting the self-determination of clients led to further exploration of this area through my doctoral thesis.

My passion also lies in community outreach work, as I continue to work with governmental institutions, organisations, schools, and private training providers in the UAE, Asia, and Europe to provide inclusion support through training for educators, families and members of society.

I also offer clinical supervision to education professionals such as school counsellors, learning support assistants or teaching assistants, and inclusion teachers or heads of inclusion.

I am a bilingual psychologist offering clinical services in both English and Hindi/Urdu.

In addition to my role here at the FSC, I am a visiting lecturer at a UK-based university in Dubai, where I teach and supervise both undergraduate and postgraduate students within the domains of Education and Psychology. I also present at various national and international psychology and education conferences.

You can view my contributions to news articles and outreach events here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1K7dt3B0hccNHL6q1yRkhPWnb-


Outside of my professional roles, you will find me close to nature, exploring different parts of the world through travel, or indulging in a bar of chocolate!

Email info@thefsc.earth to get in touch with me.


  • Professional Doctorate in Educational, Child & Adolescent Psychology – UCL Institute of Education, London, UK (#1 for Education in the world – QS Rankings)
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling Skills – Middlesex University Dubai
  • HCPC (UK) registered – PYL37704
  • DHA (Dubai) licensed – 69741314
  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) administrator

Areas of Experience

  • Assessments (Psycho-educational, Neurodiversity, Developmental, Dynamic or Play-based)
  • ADHD and Autism in girls and women
  • Consultation and counselling (families, schools and organisations)
  • Interventions (executive functions, study skills, behaviour, mental health, social skills, positive parenting)
  • Parenting support
  • Post-diagnosis psychoeducation & support
  • Qualitative research
  • Supervision of education professionals
  • Training/outreach (schools, families, organisations)
  • Transition to college/university or employment for neurodivergent clients