Course: Introduction to Astrology (Western Tradition) - A 6-week course

About the Course

In this course, we build & explore the knowledge required to begin interpreting astrological natal charts so you can bring this ancient divinatory science/art into your life. We will focus on:

  • What astrology actually is – its history in the western tradition
  • Signs, planets and houses – archetypes & areas of life
  • Putting knowledge about these together, creatively & intuitively, to begin practising chart readings within the group

Who Is it for?

Anyone over 18 years of age with an interest in this ancient archetypal symbol system.

How do I join? 

Email to register your interest and the facilitator will get in touch to schedule a discussion about the course. 

Topics Covered


Course starting January 2023. For dates, times & more information email


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