Course: Character strengths workshop for adults

About the Course

Each one of us possesses certain strengths and talents. However, we often seem to remember the negatives more than the positives. While traditional psychology helps clinicians diagnose what may be going wrong in a client’s life, a team of scientists realised the need to have a categorisation that helps identify the right in someone.

A three-year virtue philosophy study of groups of people from different parts of the world resulted in the formation of the VIA character strengths. It reveals varying degrees of strengths that a person possesses, including top-level strengths that, when used often, can help improve overall wellbeing. Through this six-week character strength introductory course, we help you learn about your strengths so you can make the best of different situations in your daily life, even when things go wrong.

Topics Covered


Six weeks, one and a half hours per session




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