Psychiatry - Overview


Psychiatry is an integral part of our clinical practice at The Free Spirit Collective. Our specialist psychiatrists provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for an extensive range of psychiatric disorders. 

Psychiatry and psychology also work together if a client’s mental health needs demand a blend of medical and psychological treatment. In such cases, we conduct weekly consultations between the two professions to discuss client needs and possible treatment plans.

What to expect from your first appointment?

A holistic view of every individual is very important in finding the right treatment. We try and do this through your first appointment which lasts for about 60 minutes. Depending on the complexity of your mental health needs, the session may be extended in order to arrive at an accurate assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan  Your treatment plan may include medication, which will be prescribed and monitored by your psychiatrist.

During this session, you will be asked to describe your current symptoms, how they have developed and any past mental health problems. You will also be asked about your personal and family history.

Follow-up appointments

While some people require an assessment alone, in some cases a follow-up appointment may be needed in order to prescribe medication and monitor changes in symptoms, ongoing progress and effects of the medication. Follow-up appointments usually last for 30 minutes.

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